AK Bycatch Task Force meets Weds. in Anchorage

Despite all the interest and outcry on bycatch, the public has failed to weigh in. Here's your chance...

by | October 11, 2022

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Recommendations will be presented, public comments taken

The in-person meeting starts at 9am and includes information from four committees: Western AK salmon, Gulf of AK halibut and salmon, Bering Sea and Gulf of AK crab, and Science, Technology and Innovation.

Here is the link to the ADFG page with all the information

All of the task force recommendations for research, state engagement and management will be discussed. The are included in the links below:

Agenda and zoom links

Where’s the voice of the public? …

An observation: The task force has been meeting since January. In terms of public input, only three written comments were provided, all by the same group: SalmonState.

Other comments may have been made via email but there is no compilation of that information, if any.

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