AK Bycatch Review Task Force gets down to business

Bycatch report will focus on research, state engagement, management and recommendations.

by | August 12, 2022

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Group will reveal ‘template’ of recommendations on Aug. 16

After more than 30 meetings and over 50 presentations since January, the Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force will reveal a final report template of its recommendations next week.

A final report is due to Governor Dunleavy in November.

Dunleavy created the task force by Administrative Order in November 2021 “to help better understand unintended bycatch of high value fishery resources in State and federal waters.” He defined bycatch as “fish which are harvested in a fishery but are not sold or kept.”

The task force includes four committees: Western Alaska salmon, Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska crab, Gulf of Alaska halibut and salmon, and Science, Technology and Innovation.

The Aug. 16 meeting of the full task force will include summaries of recommendations received in areas of research, state engagement , management and “committee recommendations with rationale.”

I’ve sat in on nearly all of the task force meetings since January. They all have been extremely well run, interesting and informative.

The commitment, sincerity and collaboration among the diverse group has been truly impressive. Only two members have been conspicuous in their absence.

Recent meetings include recommendations on reducing bycatch in all fishing gear groups.

All of the presentations are available online at the AK Dept. of Fish and Game webpage

I’m hopeful about the outcomes.

For questions, comments, or to get on the contact list for ABRT notices, email BycatchReview@alaska.gov.

August 16, 2022 Meeting

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