Comments wanted on NOAA’s draft Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Roadmap

The federal gov't is investing $349 million for NOAA to support projects that conserve fisheries and protected species in coastal regions around the country, including Pacific salmon.

by | July 8, 2024

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Updates 2016 advances; aims to clarify initiatives that include ‘climate ready fisheries’

NOAA Fisheries has released for public comment an updated ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) Road Map.

The proposed Road Map revisions aim to clarify links between EBFM and other initiatives, including climate ready fisheries, and improve connections between science and management.  It also better integrates habitat, protected resources, and social-economic sciences.

Comments are due by August 31, 2024 by e-mail to

NOAA first introduced the EBFM Road Map in 2016 and it is subject to periodic review.  Progress advancing EBFM since 2016 has necessitated this update, NOAA said in its press release.  NOAA said since 2016 it has:

  • Developed ecosystem status reports or state of the ecosystem reports for most regions
  • Completed climate vulnerability assessments in all regions
  • Improved or added new fishery ecosystem plans for most regions
  • Completed climate scenario planning for multiple protected resources and at multiple councils
  • Developed and advanced the use of ecosystem models, risk assessments, and risk tables to inform management
  • Increased discussion and consideration of ecosystem and climate issues within management decisions
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