Nat’l Fisheries Institute calls proposed trawl legislation “misguided”

NFI's vision of seafood sustainability includes "consideration of economic, social and environmental impacts."

by | June 3, 2024

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Limiting trawl areas is “based on ideological hostility to certain harvesting methods”

The non-profit National Fisheries Institute (NFI) has been the United States’ largest seafood trade association for nearly 70 years and counts the biggest names in the industry among its member companies. 

NFI has come out against legislation introduced last week by Alaska Representative Mary Peltola that would rein in the tens of millions of fish and shellfish taken as bycatch by trawl gear in Alaska each year.

“Sustainability is key” says NFI

The NFI claims that “sustainability is of paramount importance to the seafood community.”

It defines sustainable seafood as being “caught or grown in a manner that satisfies the nutritional needs of the current generation without reducing the ability to satisfy the needs of future generations. A complete vision of seafood sustainability includes consideration of economic, social, and environmental impacts.”

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The NFI membership reflects a wide variety of groups that include industry suppliers, exporters/importers, processors, restaurants, grocery outlets, trade associations, etc.

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and its members claim “to be committed to practices that preserve the proper management of the environments of the world’s ocean.” 

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