NPFMC holds 2 day Climate Scenarios Workshop in Kodiak, June 5 & 6

A 2 day public workshop on climate change will be held in person and online, June 5 & 6. Find links to the workshop and materials.

by | May 28, 2024

Climate meeting invites in-person and online participation

Zoom Link: 

Meeting 860 4066 5896

Password: NPFMC

The Council is holding a two-day Climate Scenarios Workshop on Wednesday, June 5th and, Thursday, June 6th in conjunction with the Council’s June meeting in Kodiak. Access meeting materials and submit your comments before the meeting through the eAgenda. Comments are accepted through June 3.

According to notices, the workshop “will explore ideas for improving the climate resiliency and readiness of all federally managed fisheries under the Council’s jurisdiction in the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea, and the Aleutian Islands.”

The workshop is intended to generate ideas for the Council’s future consideration and no decisions or actions will be taken during the workshop sessions.

While this workshop is built into the Council meeting schedule, it is not part of the formally convened Council, Advisory Panel (AP), and Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) sessions. The workshop does not overlap with other scheduled sessions and Council, SSC, and AP members as well as interested members of the public will be able to attend.   

How to participate and prepare for the climate workshop

The Council encourages stakeholders to be active participants in the meeting. There will be options for both in-person and online participation. The main sessions will be broadcast, and the workshop will include virtual breakout sessions. Participants are asked to register in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Workshop materials: Final workshop materials including the agenda and scenarios are posted to the workshop eAgenda. Reviewing the scenarios and giving some thought to the discussion questions before the meeting will be helpful in preparation. 

  • Participating in the meeting: The main opportunity for participation in the workshop will be through small group breakout sessions. Virtual attendees will have separate Zoom breakout groups that will offer the same opportunity for discussion as the in-person breakouts. There will also be some opportunities for open discussion during the main session and wrap-up sessions.
  • Comments: The public can provide written comments on the workshop eAgenda, and Council staff will give a follow-up presentation on the workshop during staff tasking at the end of the Council meeting.

Zoom Link: 

Meeting 860 4066 5896

Password: NPFMC


Following the workshop

  • Workshop report: The workshop report will be available in September 2024. This report will synthesize and organize from across all of the workshop breakout discussions.
  • October Council meeting: At the October Council meeting, the Council, SSC, and AP will receive a staff report on the Climate Scenarios Workshop and may discuss next steps at this time. The public may submit written comments to October’s eAgenda when it’s published and register to provide comments in person or virtually during the meeting. 

If you are interested in receiving occasional updates about the Council’s climate readiness work, including information and reminders about the June 2024 Climate Scenarios Workshop, please click to join our Climate Readiness Mailing List. Information about the workshop will also be posted to this page.

Three virtual climate meetings were held in advance: Links to video recordings

Leading up to the Climate Scenarios Workshop, three virtual discussions were held. The purpose of the virtual sessions was to begin exploring the questions and concepts that will be discussed at the June workshop, and help participants prepare to engage in discussion. These sessions were recorded. Click on the eAgenda for all three sessions.

Session 1: Climate change impacts in an uncertain future (video recording): Wednesday, April 24, 2024

This session reviewed the anticipated climate change impacts to the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska, followed by a discussion of the challenges involved in planning for climate change effects that are likely to become more frequent and impactful.

Session 2: Defining climate readiness (video recording): Tuesday, April 30 2024

This session explored the meaning of “climate readiness” through recent work including the Council’s Climate Readiness Synthesis Report, and community climate adaptation planning efforts, followed by a discussion of different perspectives on climate readiness.

Session 3: Introduction to scenario planning (video recording): Tuesday, May 14 2024

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