US salmon exports, values sank in 2022 except for sockeyes

Volumes and values of US salmon exports plummeted for all but sockeyes.

by | May 3, 2023

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Big dives for pinks, chums, coho salmon

Trade data from NOAA Fisheries show huge declines in exports of US salmon to other countries.

 Undercurrent News reports that the US exported roughly 33,918 metric tons of chum salmon in 2022 (74.6 million pounds), down 86% year-on-year. Additionally, the export value of the chum salmon was $99.4 million, a drop of 98%.

US exports of coho salmon declined by 42% in 2022 to 3,062 metric tons (6.73 million pounds), down 42%. The value of the exported coho salmon at $15.7 million was down by 33% from 2021.

Pink salmon exports also took a big dive. The US exported 60,824 metric tons of pinks (nearly 134 million pounds), a drop of 28% year over year. The value of $245.99 million reflected a 14% decline.

US sockeye salmon exports and values increased

Sockeye salmon reversed the downward trend and exports increased by 23% to 58,317 metric tons (nearly 128.3 million pounds). The value of the sockeyes also increased to an export value of $505.2 million, also a 23% increase over 2021.

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