AK Bycatch Advisory Council holds 2nd meeting on May 23

A dedicated website, FAQs, social media and direct outreach about bycatch in Alaska fisheries are recommended as a start.

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Better state engagement and outreach on bycatch tops the agenda

The Bycatch Advisory Council (BAC) will hold its second meeting on Tuesday, May 23 with a focus on how the State of Alaska can better inform the public about bycatch and related policies. The meeting begins at 9am/AK time.


Ideas stemming from the first BAC meeting on May 1 include a website specific to bycatch issues, FAQ lists, more public interaction by a dedicated staff member from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, and more use of social media.

The May 23 meeting also include website navigation for bycatch resources from the ADF&G, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and National Marine Fisheries Service.

Linda Kozak, BAC chair, said the group will be reviewing implementation suggestions for the first two State Engagement issues recommended by the Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force. These ideas were suggested by members of the public and BAC internal discussions. “Recognizing there is limited staff time available, we will be attempting to prioritize these issues,” Kozak said in a release about the upcoming meeting.

She added: “Additionally, there will be consideration of developing a roadmap for the fall meetings and to discuss issues of priority to request comments from the public.”

Ideas and recommendations that will be discussed at the May 23 meeting

Ideas for implementation of State Engagement Issues 1-2

  1. The State of Alaska should establish a process for providing bycatch-related information and resources for Alaskans in a format that is understandable and easily accessible. Website development with bycatch-related links, as well as bycatch informational forums and other forms of outreach are recommended.
  • State of Alaska federal fisheries staff should continue to offer the public an opportunity to provide input on NPFMC issues before each NPFMC meeting. Consideration should be given to additional methods to seek input from stakeholders, tribal entities and communities on bycatch issues.


1. Dedicated ADF&G bycatch staff member to coordinate and communicate

2. Continue developing website

3. Outreach

Website (not in order of priority):

1. Look for ways to make it more user friendly

2. Link to Bycatch Info from main ADF&G site – easier to find

            – Calendar of upcoming events that relate to bycatch with links

            – NPFMC bycatch issues being addressed

            – NMFS bycatch tracking (user friendly)

3. FAQ section

            – Definition of bycatch

            – Jurisdictional information

            – Other

4. Hot topics – could be a link from FAQ section

            – BAC meeting information/issues being addressed

            – Bycatch-related activities at NPFMC – meetings, issues, schedule info

5. Resources

            links to NPFMC and NOAA bycatch information sites, ABRT          recommendations

Ideas for implementation of State Engagement Issues 1-2

Page 2

6. Reference section

            – ABRT presentations

            – BAC presentations

            – Links to NPFMC bycatch-related presentations

            – Historical information on bycatch development

Other Outreach Ideas:

1. Discuss social media challenges

            – Staffing and maintenance

            – Information posting

            – Control of discussion

2. Commissioner/SOA interaction with the public   

            – Forums and listening sessions (virtual and in person)

                        Commissioner or other state representative

                        ADF&G biologists/scientists

                        BAC members

            – State hosting in-person meetings before NPFMC (in progress)

            – State hosting virtual meeting before NPMC (in progress)

                        Timing of meetings


3. Develop notifications for Bycatch Advisory Council meetings

            – Email list (in progress)

            – Media?

            – BOF Advisory Committees (in progress)

4. Develop operating procedures for media or legislative requests

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