Halibut, black cod fishermen asked to test new Deckhand electronic logbook

Fishermen receive a stipend and can keep the Deckhand logbook after 2 seasons. Ditch the pen and paper!

by | April 18, 2024

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Fisherman-founded software company awarded funding for trials over 2 years

Real Time Data (RTD), a fisherman-founded software company, has been awarded funding by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to expand their pilot electronic logbook project in Gulf of Alaska fixed gear groundfish fisheries during the 2024 halibut and sablefish season. Fishermen who are currently reporting on paper in Alaska’s halibut and sablefish fisheries are eligible to participate.

Up to 60 additional fishermen will have the opportunity to acquire equipment and RTD’s flagship electronic logbook software, Deckhand, free of charge for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

Deckhand is becoming a wheelhouse essential to benefit fishermen and their businesses in modern times. The platform is used across dozens of fisheries in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Deckhand helps streamline onboard record keeping and business processes, including mandatory reporting.

Weatherproof cases, mounts, and iPads running the Deckhand platform with a fixed gear logbook will be distributed to participants. The trial will run for two seasons and fishermen will receive a $500 stipend along with the hardware to keep for participating the full project length.

The Deckhand team is collaborating closely with Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association, North Pacific Fisheries Association, Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union, National Marine Fisheries Service, and International Pacific Halibut Commission to coordinate the project.

“The first year of this project proved to be a success based on feedback from industry,” said Lange Solberg, commercial fisherman and US manager for RTD. “Captains were able to complete their reports in a fraction of the time it took to do so on paper using Deckhand. And with new catch data features in addition to reporting that have never before been seen in the wheelhouse, this next phase of the project will really be a paradigm shift. I’m grateful to see this program expand with ongoing support from fishermen, project partners, and NFWF.”

Those interested in participating should reach out to their fishing association or to the Deckhand team at 360-399-6993 or info@deckhandlogbook.com for more information and to sign up.

Space is already filling up and is limited.

For more, go to deckhandlogbook.com or visit @deckhandlogbook on all Facebook, Instagram, and X.

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