Alaska 2024 salmon harvest forecast drops by nearly 42%

Only chum and coho salmon catches are projected to increase.

by | April 24, 2024

Decrease in pink salmon harvest is the reason for the decline, says ADF&G

Alaska salmon fishermen will compete for far fewer fish this year if the 2024 forecast holds true. The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game has just released its Run Forecasts and Harvest Projections Report for 2024. It also includes a summary of the 2023 salmon season for every Alaska region.

The 2024 all species commercial harvest projection of 135.7 million fish is expected to include approximately 169,000 Chinook salmon, 39.5 million sockeye salmon, 2.6 million coho salmon, 69.0 million pink salmon, and 24.3 million chum salmon.

Compared to 2023 harvests, that would add up to 85.8 million fewer pink salmon, 12.4 million fewer sockeyes, 15,000 more coho salmon, and 1.6 million more chums in the 2024 fishery.

The Alaska all-species salmon harvest for 2023 totaled approximately 232.4 million fish, about 43.0 million more fish than the preseason forecast of 189.4 million fish. This combined harvest was composed of approximately 236,000 Chinook, 51.9 million sockeye, 2.6 million coho, 154.9 million pink, and 22.7 million chum salmon.

You can track daily AK salmon and halibut catches and more at the Alaska Fish News home page!

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