AK lawmakers want the State to adopt tougher bycatch regulations

Resolution asks the State of AK and reps on the NPFMC to support changes to reduce bycatch. Tune in to the hearing and comment!

by | April 24, 2024

A resolution will be heard Thursday/April 25; public comment is encouraged

A group of Alaska Republicans, spearheaded by Representative Sarah Vance of Homer, is holding a Fisheries Committee hearing tomorrow (Thursday, April 25) at 10am/AK on a resolution (HR8) that “Encourages the Department of Fish and Game to adopt certain regulations relating to fisheries bycatch.”

Representative Vance of Homer has been an outspoken critic of the State’s lax attitude about bycatch for many years.

Other sponsors of the resolution are Representatives Mike Cronk of Tok, George Rauscher of Sutton, Kevin McCabe of Big Lake and Jamie Allard of Eagle River.

Alaska has no bycatch policy for fisheries in its state waters out to three miles. But the Alaska governor makes six appointments to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council which regulates fisheries from three to 200 miles where over 60% of Alaska’s fish volume is taken. Those members have rubber-stamped the NPFMC’s bycatch numbers and policies for several decades.

The Fisheries Committee hearing will be teleconferenced and public comment is invited. HERE is the link —

ADF&G says current bycatch guidelines are “appropriate” and “no changes are needed”

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