Kusko CDQ $$ give-away “funded by pollock fishing”- calls for applicants

Coastal Villages CDQ group celebrates pollock as the "foundation of our subsistence-focused mission."

by | March 26, 2024

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Money for fuel, skiffs, motors, ATVs and more! Tons of advertised items at your finger tips! “Pollock Provides!”


It’s the 16th round of the Anchorage and Seattle-based Coastal Villages Region Fund “People Propel” program. The give-away is specific to Alaska Natives living within 50 miles of the Bering Sea in a region lying on the outskirts of Bethel.

In its 2024 call for applicants to share in the wealth of the pollock fishery, the CVRF flyer states the program has helped over 5,900 people over the past 10 years. “People have purchased $51.8 million worth of boats, motors, ATVs, snow machines, heating systems and much more with $17 million subsidy from CVRF.”

The Northern Hawk, owned by CVRF

The flyer is loaded with 12 pages of advertising for boats, motors, four-wheelers, etc. for purchase at retail outlets across Alaska.

Missing is any mention of job training for positions aboard the Northern Hawk and the CDQ group’s other vessel holdings. Wheelhouse? Engineering? Chefs/Bakers? Maintenance? Nope.

But you can get training to fix your boat motor or 4-wheeler at AVTEC in Seward! And everyone gets vouchers for heating oil!

Below is Coastal Villages’ new 2023 purchase in Seattle which “Provides an extension of our Bering Sea operations to Seattle,” said the group’s CEO Eric Deakin (salary/bonuses in 2022 = $572,955).

He added: “CVRF takes great pride in seeing its “100% Alaska-owned fleet” take off from the new Lake Union location “as they head to Alaskan waters.” Read more HERE –  

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