Bycatch utilization meeting on Tuesday starting at 9am/AK

What are the issues surrounding full use of Alaska bycatch? Share your ideas on Tuesday morning!

by | March 11, 2024

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Focus on issues to be addressed if AK moves forward with recommending ways to use bycatch

A virtual meeting of the Bycatch Advisory Council subcommittee on utilization will occur on Tuesday, March 12th beginning at 9 AM.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to continue the discussions regarding issues which would need to be addressed if the State of Alaska were to decide to move forward with recommendations to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council regarding more full utilization of bycatch, said Linda Kozak of Kodiak, chair of the Bycatch Advisory Council.

The agenda includes a review of information requests:
a) Agency authority for allowing retention and sale of halibut taken as bycatch;

b) Regulatory process for allowing prohibited species to be retained and sold if recommended by the Bycatch Advisory Council and supported by the State of Alaska.

Below is the link to the meeting information, including the agenda and Zoom link.

The full Bycatch Advisory Council has scheduled its next virtual meeting for Tuesday, April 16th beginning at 9 AM.

Here is the link to the April 16 meeting information

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