AK Bycatch Advisory Council sets first public meeting

The six-member Council will get to work setting priorities next Friday.

by | March 24, 2023

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Organizing and initial issues to address will be the focus next week

Snow crab discarded as bycatch in an Alaska trawl fishery

The newly appointed, six-member Bycatch Advisory Council will hold a public meeting via Zoom on Friday, March 31 at 9am Alaska time.

The State of Alaska posted the public notice on March 23.

Agenda items include the following items:

  • Election of chair
  • Set future meeting dates
  • Discuss initial issues to address
  • Other business as needed

Dial in by phone: +1 253 215 8782 

Meeting ID: 899 5879 4668

Questions? Contact Linda Kozak by email at lindakozak@gmail.com or by phone at 907-539-5585 or may Kari Winkel at kari.winkel@alaska.gov or 907-465-6141. 

Members and Mission

The Bycatch Advisory Council was established by the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game to explore the issue of bycatch and provide recommendations to policy makers.

The stated goal is “improving the health and sustainability of Alaska’s fisheries and protecting Alaska’s record as a leader of fisheries’ conservation and management,” according to the public notice.

The Council will advise ADF&G on ways to implement recommendations contained in the final report of the Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force.

Meetings are open to the public and intended to provide a forum on bycatch issues.

All members of the new Bycatch Advisory Council also served on the AK Bycatch Advisory Task Force (ABRT) which provided its recommendations in a report to Governor Dunleavy in early December.

Kevin Delaney was on the ABRT Gulf of Alaska Halibut and Salmon Committee. He represents personal use and sport fishermen and is the founder of Delaney Outdoors, a fishery consulting firm he opened in 2010. He was the director for ADF&G’s Division of Sport Fish from 2005 to 2010.

Brian Gabriel was chair of the task force Gulf of Alaska Halibut and Salmon Committee. He has been the mayor of the City of Kenai since 2016 and previously held a seat on the city council for six years.

Linda Kozak of Kodiak was chair of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea Crab Committee. She owns a fishery consulting service and served on the task force as a representative of halibut fishermen. Kozak also is on the board of United Fishermen of Alaska.

Stephanie Madsen was co-chair of the task force Western AK Salmon Committee. She represents the trawl sector and is the Executive Director for the At-Sea Processors Association. Madsen is a former chair of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and currently serves on the Council’s Ecosystem Committee.

Karma Ulvi also was on the Western AK Salmon committee and serves as the subsistence representative from a Yukon River community. She is the Chief of the Native Village of Eagle and the Tribal Administrator with Tanana Chiefs Conference.

John Jensen of Petersburg was Chair of the AK Bycatch Review Task Force. He has over a half century of experience in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry and is serving his seventh term on the Alaska Board of Fisheries. Jensen also was appointed to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in 2018.

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