Alaska Bycatch Task Force adds subcommittees, topics & tasking

The AK Bycatch Task Force continues to form committees and hone its focus.

by | March 21, 2022

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Member Linda Kozak of Kodiak provides updates on progress

The Bycatch Task Force subcommittees are being formed and here is a breakdown so far for the four named subcommittees:

Science, Technology, and Innovation Subcommittee:
Chair – Tommy Sheridan
Ragnar Alstrom
Linda Kozak
Stephanie Madsen
Senator Peter Micciche

“Most of the information and data requests will be funneled through this committee and we will also look at gear technology, observers and electronic monitoring, research, and other issues that fit this category,” Kozak added.

Bering Sea/Gulf of Alaska Crab Subcommittee:

Chair – Linda Kozak
Erik Velsko
Stephanie Madsen
Kevin Delaney

Kozak said she also has reached out to the subcommittee members and has proposed that Gulf crab issues are looked at first as many of the impacted users fish herring/and or salmon and will be unavailable during the summer months. ADF&G will be asked to present information and be available at meetings. Kozak said they will also ask crabbers and trawlers to bring their ideas to the subcommittee regarding ways to address bycatch in the crab fisheries.

Credit: Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association

Kozak noted that there are two other subcommittees that have not yet been finalized, but are expected to see that completed early this week.

Western Alaska chum and Chinook salmon
Gulf salmon and halibut 

“Due to time constraints and because the Council recently took action on ABM, we will not be addressing Bering Sea halibut, unless time allows,” Kozak said in an email update.

Here is a link to the Task Force website and it should soon be updated to reflect subcommittee information and meeting dates.

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