Three AK Fish Board seats are up for grabs

One Alaska Fish Board seat is still empty, two more members plan to leave.

by | March 17, 2022

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One seat sits empty; two more are not re-upping

The Alaska Board of Fisheries is meeting on Southeast management issues minus one member. And two more seats become vacant in June.

Israel Payton and Gerad Godfrey do not plan to continue on the BOF, according to board director Glenn Haight.

Payton of Wasilla is a ‘jack of all trades’ who has participated in the BOF and Board of Game meetings for many years and is a past Advisory Committee member.

Godfrey of Eagle River grew up on Kodiak Island and is the Vice Chair for the Afognak Native Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Governor Mike Dunleavy has yet to appoint someone to fill the seat of Indy Walker of Soldotna who resigned from the BOF in December after serving for just three months. Walton said a bout of Covid and stress prompted his decision to step down.

By Alaska law, Dunleavy was required to name a replacement within 30 days of a seat becoming vacant.

All board members must be confirmed by the Alaska legislature.

Currently, only one Fish Board seat is held by a member from a coastal region – John Jensen of Petersburg.

Insiders say there is a power struggle between legislators who want more commercial fishing representation on the BOF, while the governor wants more sport fishing reps.

The Board of Fisheries sets the rules for Alaska subsistence, commercial, sport and personal use fisheries in waters out to three miles.

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