Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force posts public webpage

The new Bycatch Task Force web page by ADF&G includes meeting agendas, minutes, audio and all presentations.

by | March 10, 2022

The launch of a new public web page by the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game and the need for public involvement topped the list of recommendations at the Bycatch Review Task Force meeting on March 9.

It was the 13-member group’s third gathering via Zoom.

The task force has formed four major committees focusing on 1)science, technology, and innovation; 2) Western Alaska salmon; 3) Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska crab, and 4) Gulf of Alaska halibut and salmon.

Much of the discussion during the three hour meeting focused on creating sub-committees under those categories. The need for an additional committee to enhance public outreach and interaction was added to the mix for further discussion and implementation.

An overview of genetic stock identification of salmon captured in Alaskan groundfish fisheries was presented by Wes Larson, manager of the Genetics Group at NOAA/AK Fisheries Science Center in Juneau. (see below)

Web page includes audio, all presentations

The Bycatch Task Force web page includes the agenda, minutes and audio from all meetings. Its reference library also includes all presentations and are listed below –

What’s the goal?

Governor Dunleavy created the Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force in November 2021 to help better understand unintended bycatch of high value fishery resources in State and federal waters. The requested outcomes include:

  1. Study what impacts bycatch has on fisheries.
  2. Evaluate and recommend policies informed by a better understanding of the issue of bycatch of high-value Alaska fishery resources.
  3. Ensure state agencies are leveraging available resources to better understand the issue of bycatch.
  4. Utilize the best available science to inform policy makers and the public about these issues. A final report is due in November.

The next meeting of the Bycatch Task Force is April 19 starting at 9am.

Check back for more information on the March meeting that will be posted soon.

From Bycatch Management in N. Pacific Groundfish Fisheries, February 2022

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