NOAA plans multi-year trawl studies at Northern Bering Sea starting this summer “after consulting with Tribal Governments.”

Nine AK village leaders claim no contact from NOAA, nor requests for input on the massive trawl project "although a contract already has been awarded to a trawl vessel."

by | February 1, 2024

Nine tribes call for immediate halt to the trawl project.

From NOAA: The Northern Bering Sea Effects of Trawling Study (NETS) is a multi-year, phased effort to design and execute experimental studies of trawling impacts in the northern Bering Sea. This study will provide a baseline habitat assessment in the area including fine-scale data and information on features and processes in an area where data are lacking. Scientists will also identify sensitive habitats and determine the impacts and recovery times from trawling on bottom-dwelling species.


Tribes claim no contact by NOAA; call for immediate halt to the NETS project

Pollock aboard Coastal Villages/CDQ Northern Hawk factory trawler in the Bering Sea. (Credit: Loren Holmes/Anchorage Daily News)

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