AK legislator files resolution to extend AK fisheries management authority out to 15 miles

The resolution urges the AK Congressional delegation to get on board with the idea.

by | February 21, 2024

Urges NOAA to extend jurisdiction from the current three miles out

Representative Sarah Vance, R-Homer, yesterday introduced a resolution urging the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to extend state fisheries management jurisdiction out to 15 nautical miles from the current 3 miles.

Co-sponsors of the resolution include two other legislators, Rep. Kevin McCabe (R) of Big Lake and George Rauscher (R) of Sutton.

The resolution concludes:

“BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature urges the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Fisheries to extend the fisheries management jurisdiction from the existing three nautical mile limit to a 15 nautical mile limit; and be it FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature calls on the state government to collaborate with the Alaska Congressional delegation to facilitate the expansion of jurisdiction over coastal water.”

Read the full resolution here

Representative Sarah Vance of Homer

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