UFA webinar: AK fish in the world marketplace

Learn more about AK fish in global markets in a featured webinar.

by | February 20, 2023

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Wednesday event features top execs from Trident, OBI Seafoods

Register at ufafish.org —

Click or copy this URL to join the webinar. https://us02web.zoom.us/w/89518834287?tk=hOWbLtPnyY8vZH1Z2jJoFIei1yUyChOGSUqbMQgrYsg.DQMAAAAU170CbxZqa2N1SEUzRlNoUzY4WXVobHRwQ0pRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=RU9lZmtaWHRzdmxHdmxNYmdpSmtNQT09&uuid=WN_mmYOKFNlQCOoYjd6I_9znw

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Laine Welch has covered the Alaska fish beat for print and radio since 1988. She also has worked “behind the counter” at retail and wholesale seafood companies in Kodiak and on Cape Cod.


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