Trident, Silver Bay, Pacific Seafoods win big gov’t salmon buys

Trident is the biggest winner of the combined $9.8 million in the latest USDA buy.

by | January 5, 2024

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USDA pays millions of $ for AK canned salmon and frozen fillets

SeafoodSource News reports that last month the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an open purchase request for wild salmon and the winners of the contract have been announced.

Of the wild salmon that the USDA is seeking, 252,000 pounds is for frozen fillets in the price range of $7.10-$7.40.

The USDA also requested 153,520 cases of canned pink salmon in the price range of $43.49-$53.06.

Dulcich Inc., dba Pacific Seafood, scored the entire 252,000 pounds of frozen fillets at a price of $7.40 per pound for a total of $1,819,800.

OBI Seafoods won a portion of the canned pink salmon, a total of 10,640 cases at $53.85 per case for a total of $568,480.

Silver Bay Seafoods won a contract for 1,520 cases of canned pink salmon at $5.02 per case for a total of $80,590.40.

Trident won the majority of the canned pink salmon contract with 141,360 cases at $53.53 per case. The total price comes out to $6,606,326.60.

The USDA said that deliveries will be made between February 1 and August 31, 2024.

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